Raison d'être

Ask a question! Go on! I implore you.

The trivia, the mundane, the name of the devil everybody ignores.

Asking the right question is the key. Key that enables us to see the devil.

That is what I do for you. I enable you to ask the right questions, questions that enables me to seek the right answers to the business problems that need addressed. How do I do it? By empowering humans around me. Doing so enables me to establish trust between all the stakeholders for greater visibility, leading to achieve the right tradeoffs for greater customer experience and greater revenues.

But this is not all, I am the one who, when required, can churn out code. Code that is beautiful, maintainable, clean and solves real business problems. Language you ask? I can speak ruby, PHP, java, JavaScript (ES5/6, TypeScript), but python-land is what I am native of. I love standing on the shoulders of the giants thus indulging myself with frameworks such as Django, Angular and all things shiny in web development land. Sometimes I love to amuse myself with large datasets, using tools like R, Scala, Airflow, Spark, Kafka or graph databases (Neo4j). Off late, I have come to adore the functional programming paradigm and a appreciate that lessons from solving real-time stream processing had made its way to mainstream programming languages (Reactive X).

So again, ask me a question, any question, and be amazed.