In praise of singularity

Looking at the history, studying the people who preached the singularity of God, one begs the question that why did these people abandoned the life of comfort to preach what they believed in?

Case in point:

Musa: living peacefully in another country, before he decided to go back to pharoah to deliver the message of God's singularity.

2. Jesus: Was living in peace amongst fishers before he went back to Palastine

.3. Ibrahim: Was a well provided boy, and amongst the noble family, before he chose to axe all the idols.

4. Muhammad: Enjoyed deep respect amongst noble of Quraish, and was one of the richest (due to his rich wife Khadija), before he chose to preach the singularity of God.

When I go through these stories, one question bothers me the most is, why go through all this trouble, why take so much abuse, when you already comfortable with your life, and in the end, not claim the absolute power for oneself? Why preach the singularity of God? If we try to put ourselves in prophet shoes, we are dumb founded and the magnitude of the task they performed.

Take yourself for example. What if you know me since i was a child and one day i come to you, knock on your door, and say, the gods that you have believed all your life, are all false. I bring you a true God, the one who sits in the sky, and from now onwards, you are to believe me as his messenger, and mold your life according to what i say. what would be your response? probably this, "you have gone crazy .. are you are out of your mind" Imagining this situation, and the perseverance of any prophet, to deliver this message against all odds, for the rest of life. I ask you, for how long can you take an abuse without backing out? What every prophet did, was a very difficult task.

Disclaimer: I did not claim to be a messenger nor I intended to do so in future. I used the metaphor to elaborate on what I am thinking.

Yousuf Jawwad

Yousuf Jawwad